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Why do have I have to moderate linking to my own posts

  1. Hi,

    I find it very strange that I get pingbacks and have to moderate when I link to previous posts in my own blog. Am I doing something wrong, or does everyone have to do this? Is there something I have overlooked?

    Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Don't know if there is a switch - I think this is because things are set to moderate - I have just looked on this as a "feature" and not having automatic pingbacks being approved makes sure that I don't link to a spam site that put some sort of a link to my site.

    I have just gotten used to it.

  3. kennethmarkhoover

    I think it's a way to help filter out spam that might link your site without permission. Like the other commenter, it took me awhile but I got used to it. :)

  4. trentinoheritage

    There is a way to stop the pingbacks on your own links to your posts. Take a look at this support entry ---
    I had the same problem, and when I shortened the link to my other posts, I did not get any more moderation requests for those linkings.

  5. Thank you all for your comments, especially to trentinoheritage for a solution. I will try this out next time. It was great to know that I hadn't overlooked something!

  6. You don't have to approve pingbacks if your do not wish to. As has been pointed out you can stop self-pings. I don't bother. I simple approve those I wish to and delete the others. See the first image here to disable pingbacks and trackbacks on posts and pages. >

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