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Why do I get "invalid request" everytime I try to publish a new post?

  1. When I click "publish post" it does not post but instead red words appear that say "invalid request".
    Blog url:

  2. It could be a browser issue. The preferred browsers are Chrome and Firefox, and make sure you have the most up to date version.

    See this previous forum entry for other troubleshooting problems as listed by timethief:

  3. I have the same error and my firefox is up to date (version 13.0.1).
    Pressing then F5 and pasting the post (that didn't get published) in the now blank field, it gets published without problems. Maybe the time between loading and publishing was too long? It took at most 10 minutes, though.

  4. I have also received two INVALID REQUESTS when I've gone to post my last two blogs. What's worse is that I hit the help button and then it takes me to a screen and I've lost my blog. This started after July 4th, 2012. My firefox is up-to-date.

  5. Hmm, when I'm logged in and my URL is!/post/
    I receive the error message

    But when I goto my blog page
    and click the New post link in the upper right area of the webpage I don't have this issue ...

    I use IE9. In both cases the URL doesn't change when I click to post nor does it change when I click to publish.

    I click the "New Post" icon for Vs the "Write a Post" link for!/post/ and the URL doesn't change ... but I receive the Invalid Request message for!/post/ and a successful post for

  6. I have experienced this problem for the first time today. My URL is!/post/ and when I click "Publish Post" I get the message "Invalid Request".

    I have written a long blog post with lots of pictures, and I am afraid of losing the whole thing.

    I am using the latest version of Chrome.

  7. Update: by copying and pasting the content of the post into another "New Post" window, I was able to post successfully.

  8. Hi timethief,

    I read the thread you linked to, but it seems to be about something different - links in posts being redirected to the wrong place - and that problem is now apparently fixed.

    Are you saying that thread is relevant to this problem also?



  9. How do I look up my other support threads? I posted this issue on four different threads and one of them had a solution, but I can't find it to share ...

  10. Go to the top of any forum page and click the Welcome, timesharevacationnow link. On that page you will locate every thread you started or posted into on the forums.

  11. First, Timethief, please remove your Jul 21 2012 post about "Permalinks causing invalid activation key error". People are posting into that thread which doesn't appear to have any relation to our issue. It's confusing the Op of that thread.

    Since both I and other members still have the invalid request issue when posting, I guess the issue isn't fixed.

    Here are the three threads I found and am posting on:
    This thread
    Thread 2
    Thread 3

    When I post when my URL is
    I do not receive the error. I am posting from my Dashboard when I do this.

    However, When I post when my URL is!/post/
    I receive the "invalid request" error. I access my blog from and login when I do this.

  12. Would you folks please list the URLs of the affected blogs?

  13. My blog is affected (, I usually click on "new post" in the dashbord. Loading the site again (F5 or so), it works.

  14. Do you have any better luck at Posts -> Add New in the blog's Dashboard?

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