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Why do I have random visitors?

  1. I get a bunch of visitors for my blog. I would like a bunch of visitors, except for the fact that they seem fake. I get comments like


    I can not wait for the weekend, but in the waiting period until then, I scanned these insightful words…."

    from "people" who register the comments as being from "Free U Value Calculator". All of these comments seem to be mainly on my "Games" page. Am I being visited by webcrawlers? Or some robot like that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Mark this as spam and move on.

  3. OK

  4. Hi again,
    The following are not reflected in your stats:
    Visits to uploaded documents and files
    Visits from browsers that do not execute javascript or load images
    GoogleBot and other search engine spiders
    Your own visits to your blog (for logged-in users of public blogs only)

    Did you know that there are people who are hired to spam? Here's a link to some interesting information provided by the Akismet crew.
    5 things every blogger should know about spam

  5. Thanks, that helped a lot. I think my question has been answered.

  6. Cool. Best wishes with your blog.

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