Why Do I Have two Home Pages?

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    On my header bar I have “Home” right next to “HOME”. Why is that? And does anyone know how to change that?



    The blog I need help with is daltonlifsey.com.


    See the FAQ on static front.



    Here is the FAQ’s about 2 home pages


    Thanks for the help. But I don’t understand the FAQ page. Is it saying make a different page the static page? Instead of the home page? If so, that doesn’t help as I need the home page to be the home page.

    Could anyone help translate the FAQ suggestions for me?


    @inearnest, When you created the “home” page, what was your reason for doing that? What did you want to accomplish?


    I wanted a front page that was hit first that wasn’t blog posts that included info that I want on there.


    That is what is called a static front page and this support document covers what to do to make that happen: http://support.wordpress.com/pages/front-page/ .

    The link that t3ck provided tells you how to make one of those tags in the top navigation disappear so that you will only have one home page link.


    Thanks for that; but I didn’t understand the page about hiding the home page link. I didn’t make sense to me.

    Is there a way to hide one of them? If so, could you explain it to me in a better way than that page?

    I appreciate your help.


    That is what you will be doing, hiding one of them.

    Follow the directions on setting the static home page (and create a page for the posts) and then open the “home” page you created and in the attributes section, set a parent page (such as about or something like that). Click “update page” and the second home page link will disappear, and the one left will direct to the home page you created.


    This may be why I am confused. The only thing I use posts for is podcasts and I don’t want that visible.

    I apologize but I am not tracking with you at all. I don’t understand how or why I am making a parent page for the home page. Shouldnt the home page be stand alone?


    When you create a “home” page and set it as a static page, you end up with two home page links that will both lead to the home page that you have created. By making the one you created a child of another page, it takes one of the home page links out of the navigation. The one that is left will lead to the home page that you created.

    Since you do use posts for podcasts, I would still create a “post” page. Do the same thing with it though, make it a child of another page and that way the link to the post page will not show up in the navigation bar – assuming that you do not want it to.



    I am new to WordPress so hope you will understand my confusion. Thank you for taking the time to explain but I am still confused how to make the HOME page I created a “child” of another page. Can’t I just delete the page?

    I am not trying to get rid of my post page…just get rid of one of the extra HOME tabs.


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