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Why do I keep getting a "page not found" error when I go to

  1. I published my blog post on 8/19/2011 but my page with the theme I purchased "Delicious Magazine," is not showing up. Also, is there a way I can preview my page before publishing it? How can I format the layout of my page if I can't see the the theme and how the text is formatted?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    Blog url:

  2. appears to be directed to a hosting account elsewhere, not a blog.

    What is the URL of the blog that you're having trouble with?

  3. Yes, is hosted at Hostgator. I mapped the domain to WordPress. The address is

  4. Here's the URL for the actual post I published

    here's the quick link.

  5. It looks like is indeed mapped to but the nameserver information for the domain is not correctly pointing to WordPress.

    Please follow these instructions to update the nameservers for you mapped domain.

  6. Thank you, vanillalounge. So once the namservers have been updated, I should not change them back? That's what I did before, changed them back to the original Hostgator names. After updating the servernames, do I need to re-publish my blog?

  7. Well, if you want to use the blog that's here, the nameservers need to be pointed here and remain as such.

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