Why do I keep getting prompted to confirm my email address?

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    Hello– We’ve recently set up a blog and have been attempting to post our first entry. However, the prompt to confirm our email address prior to being able to publish blogposts persists despite confirming our address. We have selected to resend the email multiple times, however, we have not received the email. Any suggestions on how to overcome this email confirmation so that we can get started blogging?


    The blog I need help with is boardsix.wordpress.com.



    I have resent your signup email to the address you gave at signup. Please check your spam and “social” tab for the email.

    You can also access your Dashboard and request another email, or update the address, at http://boardsix.wordpress.com/wp-admin/


    Thanks! However, I checked both places, and still don’t see the email. I’ve also requested another email but it hasn’t come yet. The email address on file is correct, too.



    That’s very troubling. You may wish to try a different email address to see if that is accepted, and then you can change back to your original one.


    Thanks so much! Changing it and then changing it back helped. Post published!



    Hooray! I’m glad it is working now for you.

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