Why do I need to buy a separate upgrade for each of my three related blogs?

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    I just paid $99 for an upgrade to Pro and now find that it only applies top the blog page that I was on at the time.
    This seems very unfair – why do I need to buy a separate upgrade to Pro for each of my three interrelated blogs in order to customize them, instead of managing them all under one Pro Upgrade?
    I have sent three emails to support and had no reply at all so far.
    Can someone please help?

    The blog I need help with is makerestewarth.wordpress.com.


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    All upgrades apply to one blog and must be renewed each year. It is clearly stated in the support documentation:

    With the exception of the Guided Transfer, all upgrades are per year and per blog.

    (the guided transfer is paid for a transfer of one blog one time only)

    Here is my example of how things work:
    I have quite a few blogs, some active, some as a co-admin, some private, some not currently active, most under one account, but some under other accounts (usernames). Each blog is separately hosted, and though I’m involved in each, they are each separate entities. Yes, they are all related to me and may be interrelated, but still, they are individual blogs. Just as yours are.

    You cannot expect to get admission to a movie with one ticket for your whole family. Yes, they are related to you. But no, they are each one individual and separate from each other.



    How interrelated are the blogs? Are they close enough that you can combine some of them? The larger a blog is – the more content on it the better your search engine results are


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    The link provided is to a private site, so the SEO factor does not come into the decision. But certainly the original poster could export the other two blogs / import them into the upgraded one and all the content would enjoy the privileges of the upgrade at once. But then it would be just the one blog. Categories and custom menus to make it work.

    As to the question of fairness, the support documents state clearly that an upgrade is for one blog, for one year. No one was being deceptive.



    Thanks very much everyone for these helpful comments..obviously in my amateur enthusiasm I didn’t read the documentation correctly.
    As none of my blogs are likely to be very large, I think I will try importing them into the upgraded blog and see how that goes.
    goes. If it isn’t wildly successful, can I export them out to separate blogs again?



    If it isn’t wildly successful, can I export them out to separate blogs again?


    A bit more work than putting them together because you will need to export only some Posts so you will need to mark the Posts that are for a specific blog and export only those Posts – not a great problem

    Good luck – remember – DON’T DELETE THE OLD BLOGS – once a blog name is deleted it can never be used again – just put a note on the blog that was exported (clear the content only after you triple check to make sure the import worked) – leave a note that you have moved with a link to the new blog



    Thanks heaps!



    Or just set them to Private. It’s easier.



    That sounds so much easier. I don’t at all trust myself not to totally wreck it. Thanks all.

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