Why do I need to login to my wordpress.com account to comment on blogs?

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    I opened a wordpress.com account (groggspot.wordpress.com), but then switched my blog to a wordpress.org account (www.groggspot.com). Why do I have to login to my old wordpress.com account to comment on other people’s blogs? Am I missing something?

    The blog I need help with is groggspot.wordpress.com.



    If you comment on a WP blog using an email registered to the WP.com system, you must sign in. This is an anti-impersonation measure, because somebody who worked at Google got impersonated when somebody typed in his name and email.



    Hi raincoaster,
    I don’t know if this is the same issue, but one of my followers said they haven’t been able to comment on any of my blog posts, or anyone else’s posts who do not have “wordpress” in the url (his blog is not a WP.org site, btw). It ends up telling this follower that they are not signed into WordPress, although he is, and then doesn’t let him comment. Have you been hearing about this elsewhere?



    I have the exact same question, it’s driving me nuts.

    I checked out the link from timethief but it doesn’t answer why I have to use wordpress.COM to comment. I don’t use the .COM blog/account anymore, I’m on .ORG and that’s how I want to comment.

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