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Why do I receive error: 'This website has a redirect loop'?

  1. I have previously registered a domain with GoDaddy and upgraded my site with Domain Mapping to add this domain. When I type into my browser, it redirects me to In my Domain Settings, the primary url is indeed I know it should be, but when I select this and try visiting the site (, it says 'this website has a redirect loop.' I don't know why typing redirects to the wordpress site in the first place if I don't have it selected as my primary url. I also don't know why it simply takes you to the wordpress site. I think this has to do with nameservers?

    Also, a separate question: If I wanted to deactivate the domain mapping for the site in order to free up the domain for use on a different site, how would I do that?

    Blog url:

  2. should be working fine. Are you also forwarding it through your registrar? If so, make sure that you have turned forwarding off.

  3. I just checked again with my registrar (GoDaddy) and it says forwarding has been turned off.

    The nameservers are:

    What else can I check? I still get the error.

  4. The domain is definitely working fine now. Try setting it as primary via Store -> Domains in your Dashboard.

    The issue was probably related to GoDaddy's outage yesterday.

  5. Yes the domain is working fine now and I was able to select. Thank you! Any idea why it drops the www. ?

  6. We actually strip out the www. for your convenience.

    www is an old protocol from back when everything was under separate server hardware. www ( was the web server, mail ( was the mail server, ftp ( was the FTP server, print ( was the print server, etc.

    These days, everything is run under the web server, making www. redundant and a waste of four characters.

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