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Why do I see my post on the tag page only when I'm sined in?

  1. Hi - I've submited a post and taged it - I went to the Tag's page and saw the entery. After I Logged out and went to the Tag page - the entery disapeared. Why could I only see mt post when Logged in to wordpress ? Thanks.

  2. I have the exact same problem, and so do a few others. It looks like nobody on the forum knows a solution to this problem, so we should contact Support about it as soon as they open.

  3. Support will open in a little over an hour; just use the support tab in the upper right of your dashboard and provide as much information as possible.

    @zurizurowski - Since your blog is linked to your name (thanks!) there's no need to include it in your posts.

  4. drmiketemp: I first posted about this yesterday (=more than 15 mins ago), plus looked through a thread in which several other users reported the same problem to no avail. As for link to specific post: the problem applies to all of my posts. Thank you for your help and advice.

  5. zurizurowsi, your blog is just too "young". It takes some time before your posts appear in the global tags. I don't know how long, maybe weeks.

  6. Hi isadora, that's what I first assumed too, but the crazy thing is that they DO appear when I'm logged in. Also, these guys

    and these guys

    are reporting the exact same problem. From what I can tell, the former have been posting since at least Dec 2007 while the latter's entries date back to 2006. Therefore I thought it might be a bug?


  7. Exactly, you can see them, other people cannot (yet). btw, the first one is not a blog, so it will never appear in the global tag system; the second one is written in cyrillic, I wonder whether that might be a codepage issue.

    If you feel it's a bug, then you should report to support:

  8. Oops, I stated the wrong URL in my first example, it's a different site by the same group. The blog they meant is actually

    and yes, that one isn't that old (about three weeks from what I can tell).

    I might ask support how long it usually takes until blogs appear in the tag system & then I'll just wait it out.

    Thanks a ton for your replies.

  9. Hi again - I'm the guy that asked this Q - and I want to give this tag page url - - I've posted 3 posts tagging them with "Private Gallery" and I see my self only when signed in. My posts are from today so it might be a matter of time - BUT - afriend of mine opend a blog here and never came across this problem - so it might as well be a bug after all... I will wait and see. Thanx ya'll...

  10. pluckes, we cannot help you without a blog url. We can only suppose your blog is too new (not the posts, the blog).

  11. My blog URL is:
    It is rather a new Blog -
    But, it's older than a week (and had older posts which I deleted).
    I will wait and hope it'll sort itself -
    Thanks in Advance.
    The Plucked Rat : - ]

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