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Why do italics so frequently convert themselves to normal text?

  1. Latest stripping of italic tags: Using visual editor in Firefox, latest version, on Mac running OSX latest version.

    This time I noticed it not only stripped the HTML italic tags (along with the space preceding the word), it threw in a /div at the end of what I had entered (I had moved away from Firefox to look at something in Chrome) and had added at the end a div, /div pair. I certainly did not enter those.

    I'm baffled. Should I be using some other editor?

    I fixed the post---once the damage is done, I don't see any point in preserving the result, but if I'm mistaken about that, let me know. The post starts with a photo, which I inserted with the Visual editor, if that's relevant.

    This is mildly frustrating (scale of 1 to 10, probably around 3 or 4).

  2. Are you completely writing the post in our editor, or copying and pasting from elsewhere?

  3. This one was completely written in the editor. My apologies for not including post identification. It was this post:

    The villain was the "would".

  4. Hm, I'm not seeing what would have caused that. The next time it happens, would you please leave it as is?

  5. Will do, but in the HTML view, it was simply the word, with no HTML italicizers around it and the space before removed. But I'll leave it along next, as a draft, so you can also see the /div and div tags.

  6. Thanks, sorry for the trouble!

  7. It could be worse. So far, no loss of fingers or toes.

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