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Why do links I did not create appear in my blog?

  1. I just noticed that my blog piece "Irrigation efficiency -- it's like a whole new 'reservoir' for your city" has a number of links, apparently taking those who click on them away from my blog and to advertising sites, scattered through it. Why? This is not right to POLLUTE one's efforts in this way. At the very least, if it is part of WordPress' "business model" to insert advertisements in that manner, make them open in a new window so that people who dimly click on them, thinking they may be adding something or complementing the blog content -- which they most definitely do NOT -- will not "lose" the blog page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We do occasionally run ads in order to keep free services free. However, ads of the nature you describe are not permitted in our advertiser's network.

    Please note that it's possible for ads to appear in your browser that were *not* placed there by These ads are sometimes caused by malware or a virus, but more often it is due to a browser extension or toolbar that you may have installed in your browser.

    These sites have further explanation and suggestions for eliminating the ads:

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  3. Thanks, but that is all utterly opaque. For example, in the first site offered, it says "Go to the Tools box." What?! What is a "Tools box", a "Tools box" of what, where is it? Yes, there is a "Tools" tab in my Google Chrome, uh, thingee that you click on to get a menu to drop down, but nowhere in what pops up when you click "Tools" is there anything that reads "Internet options".

    One of the other sites said to clear cache and cookies. Did that, brought up a post, it was "clean" -- for a few seconds, and then the blue underlining popped on.

    Isn't there some non-opaque way of convey the necessary information?

    BTW, is this malware undetectable by Norton? I ran a full scan just yesterday.

    In your post these words are blue and underlined: "free services", "WordPress", "sites", and "eliminating".

  4. Norton is not very good. Try AVG.

  5. What is "AVG"? When did ANYTHING become better than Norton?

    BTW, wonder if this happened to anyone else. When I tried to navigate away from this site, a "Windows" site came up offering a "free" download of Spyhunter 4. I read some reviews, sounded good, so I downloaded it, installed it, and it ran a scan showing 2329 "threats", most of them "toolbars" I had no idea I have, and of course no idea how they got on my computer -- e.g., "DailyBibleStudy" toolbar ??!! So after it ran the scan, I clicked on "fix threats" and then and only then do you find that you have to pay for it in order for it to actually DO anything. Exasperating!

  6. Yeah, that is the spyware/adware junk doing that.

    Clean your system as quickly as possible with AVG (an antivirus program).

  7. I initiated a live chat with Norton last evening. The dude took over my computer and did his thing -- said he could eliminate some of it my ?? and my ??, or some such. Then we had to reboot to finish it up. My computer "hung up" on the "Windows is shutting down" screen. So finally I turned it off with the power center switch, then rebooted to find the chat window somehow still there, saying that because of the period of inactivity, the session had been terminated. I'm in queue with Norton live chat now to see if whatever the dude did can be completed, salvaged, whatever.

    Who are the malicious motherf-----s who put this s--- out there to infect your computer? Who are morally empty a--holes who pay them to do it? Why isn't doing this a crime?

    Now to something perhaps productive. I have an antivirus program, Norton. They tell me this stuff isn't "malware", rather it's goes by some other name, don't recall what they used, and they are not "threats" therefore Norton doesn't block them. Will AVG do any differently? And what about putting another anti-virus program on with Norton? Conflicts? Problems? Thanks.

  8. I have not used Norton in a long time. My last windows machine I used AVG and remember it doing pretty well.

  9. To close this up, I got on live chat with Norton, the tech took over my machine and, after first telling me that I had inserted the links -- I showed him the source in my edit window, to prove I had not -- and then telling me they were ad links inserted by the web site owner -- I told him WordPress told me they did not -- he got down to looking over the program list and spotted the culprit(s), and uninstalled them. It (they?) were "toolbars" that had apparently come in with a Flash player update I was told I HAD to have. Cleared them out and the issue disappeared.

  10. "Norton is not very good"
    That is a very subjective statement - evidence please!

  11. Nice how the Norton guy started off blaming you and then us before actually looking into it.

  12. I used Norton for years and it was a resource hog that caused me all kinds of issues that I have not experienced ever since I stopped buying it and used AVG instead.

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