Why do listings of incoming links disappear?

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    Can somebody explain why WordPress keeps removing incoming links from the top of my “Incoming Links” list on the Blog Stats page? These periodically disappear even when the source of the original link IS still linking to me (which I know because I am still getting traffic). This seems to affect the number of links listed on Technorati, because when the incoming links disappear from the WordPress Blog Stats page, they disappear there, too. Is there any way to keep the incoming links from disappearing? Thanks.



    Incoming links never stop incoming unless the original linker deletes the post, but Google stops reporting them after a certain period of time, and Google Blogsearch is where WP.com gets the Incoming Links from. Technorati shouldn’t lose them, though. Either way, it’s nothing on WP.com’s end as far as I know that can effect that. Google shakes itself up all the time: I seem to be constantly varying between a pagerank of 5 and one of zero.



    “one of zero”?

    Going Borg? :)

    Now there’s a good name for a blog.


    Thanks, Raincoaster. That Google Blogsearch stops reporting the Incoming Links must explain the vanishing act (and also why some of the links never show up at all). But the system seems imperfect to me, though, as you say, the problem may not originate on WordPress’s end.

    Even if Technorati shouldn’t lose them, it does. This typically happens at the end of the month, when all of a sudden a bunch of links get vaporized from both the WP stats page and Technorati simultaneously.



    I’ve noticed the same pattern too.



    And me. Its very odd. :)


    I have seen blogs where bloggers have given my blogs links and those links have not appeared on my dashboard or at Technorati. Goodness knows what’s going on but it’s definitely weird.



    I don’t trust the links to show up on their own unless someone clicks on them. That is why, once I post, I immediately click through all the links in the post. It seems to help, although I have no numbers for that. If nothing else, it draws the attention of the people you link to.



    i’m definitely having problems with my incoming links; thought it would be resolved in time…



    I’ve been having problems with incoming links, too, and came to the forums to see if anyone else was.

    Thanks for the tip, raincoaster.

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