Why do my Blogger posts not import into WordPress?

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    My posts from Blogger will not import. The import gets stuck on “Importing…” but will not complete the action. I have tried several times, resetting the importer, clearing all information. I have also tired exporting my Blogger blog and importing the exported file.

    Two of the times I tried to import, it appeared as if the posts were imported to the WordPress blog, but when I clicked on the posts they had no content at all, as if only the titles/dates were transferred.

    What might be the problem and what can be done, if anything? Does it matter that my Blogger design template is Flash-based?
    I am attempting to import http://www.windsorcontemporaryart.blogspot.ca to http://www.wcontemporaryart.wordpress.com

    The blog I need help with is wcontemporaryart.wordpress.com.



    I am considering importing a Blogger blog to WordPress.com and need to follow this post.

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