Why do my blogs no longer show up when I go to my blogs?

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    When I go to “my blogs”, they are simply not listed and I must go to “my stats”, dashboard, etc.
    Thank you.
    Blog url: http://allthingspakistani.wordpress.com/



    You currently have two blogs registered under your account. Can you please try clearing out your cache and cookies?

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Unfortunately It seemed to have made no difference. Perhaps I need to provide a more extensive description of the problem.

    When I go to the “My blogs” tab..nothing shows up. I go to “My stats” and hit one blog or the other, dashboard, and I’m on my blog.

    Related? How do I ensure that the correct blog shows up when I comment on another blog?

    Thanks you.


    It looks like you’ve made both of your blogs hidden from the My Blogs tab.

    To make your blogs visible again, from the main menu (top right) in the admin bar, can you go to Manage My Blogs, then in the Dashboard column, move your cursor over each blog and click “Make Visible”.

    As for the website URL linked to your comments, you can set that in Users -> Personal Settings. Please note that the URL will only be linked for future comments.

    I hope this helps!

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