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Why do my blogs treat me as somebody else when I want to reply to a comment?

  1. From today every time when I want to publish a reply to a comment made on one of my blogs I am asked to log in (I´m already logged in). I get as well notifications that 'Iréne' (me) has made a comment, as an e mail telling me this. As if I´m somebody else... How come? What can I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. knitnrun4sanity

    This is also happening to me although I am not being asked to log in. My replies to comments are coming up as new comments. I have never had this before.
    Thanks. My blog is

  3. It happens to me sometimes as well, logged in and asked to log in again.

  4. Well it´s very funny...
    I´ve had my first blog quite some time now, and the others as well - and it never happened before.
    It´s when I reply to comments on my blogs.
    I´ve checked the support pages, but couldn´t find any advice.
    Let´s see if more people find us here...

  5. I'm here about four years and it will happen and cure its self :)

  6. knitnrun4sanity

    Hmm but slightly annoying? Surely it is a bug that can be fixed? (I have faith in clever people!)

  7. Slightly annoying - yes. I want to get rid of it...

  8. susandanielseden

    This is happening to me today too. Annoying as can be.

  9. So I wonder... does the support team read this?

  10. Oh yes, we will wait and see if we get an answer to our problem.

  11. Same here, very irritating! The support team don't read here but there are volunteers who moderate this forum, they sometimes come up with suggestions and can flag these conversations for the support team to look at if enough people are having the problem.

  12. It has been flagged already

  13. Oh good glad to hear it :)

  14. And what is 'enough people' ? I can imagine that some people don't bother to contact the support forum...

  15. This should be fixed now!

  16. @zandyring, it happen to me just now, i'm signed in but i went to a wordpress blog and i had to sign into it, this was the site.

  17. It´s been going on all day now, I publish new posts, and I get mail about that too...

  18. Hi there,

    This should be fixed, but if anyone has had the problem today let us know.


  19. I checked now...

    - it was OK when I made a comment on one of my blogs

    - I still got a notification (pending) AND an e-mail when I put a link from the same blog on one of my posts (pillow to pillow) - it never happened before...

    I will see tomorrow what happens when I publish...

    Thanks so far, catrymer...

  20. knitnrun4sanity

    Seems to be fixed for me. Thank you so very much :)

  21. Works for me as well, well done.

    Now i have another minor problem i must start a new thread.

  22. Hi There,

    Iréne -
    Could you clarify for me what you mean when you say "when I put a link from the same blog on one of my posts"? Do you mean you linked in one post to a different post from the same blog and got a notification about it?

    Harry and knitrun4sanity -
    Glad to hear this is working for you again.


  23. Hi there too...

    Yes, that´s what I mean... link from one post into another post - on the same blog. I even get e-mails about it... it never happened before...

    Best to you too!

  24. So glad to see whatever had gone on is fixed. Thank you!

  25. Hi Iréne,

    You can prevent pings for links to your own blog by following the instructions at:


  26. Hi Harry,

    Could you elaborate for me? Do you mean you got pinged for a comment you made on your own blog?


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