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why do my comments keep appearing as spam?

  1. this has lasted for about a week or so now. my comments keep appearing as spam even though i have marked them as "not spam", it still goes to spasm!

    is there any way to solve this?

    it has become very annoying to keep going back to my spam box and un-spaming my comments.

  2. Your username probably has vastly increased the likelihood of Akismet mistaking you for spam.

    In my opinion this is a pretty common problem (this is the second thread on this problem today, and it's happened to me at least half a dozen times). The solution is to stop commenting on other blogs until Akismet learns you're not spam. The way to teach it is to un-spam your comments on your own blog just as you have been doing. If you continue to comment on other blogs in the meanwhile, it interferes as they never do unspam you and Akismet sees you saying NOT spam but them apparently saying YES spam. Comment only on your own blog and un-spam yourself there. When you see a comment of yours get posted right away, you know that you've trained Akismet and you can then go comment on other blogs.

  3. This should be fixed.

    Please link your name to your blog - it gets things fixed so much faster.

  4. alright, thanks. raincoaster: but i dont comment on any other wordpress blog thus, my comments cant be spam in other blogs.

    and mark: do i leave my link here? so it's fixed? thanks.

    well just in case, this is my web link:

  5. To link your username to your blog, go to Dashboard -- > Profile and you can set it there. That way we can automatically find your blog when you ask a question here and it's easier to track down a fix.

  6. ooooooooooooooh.

    thanks! :)

  7. I had this problem but I send in a feedback and the guys fixed it. I have no idea how.

  8. well im gonna try and write a comment for myself again and see how it goes, if not then yea im gonna do what you do, send a feedback :)


  9. I see this happens to other people from time-to-time, and that it is a "common" problem?
    I've de-spammed the comments I made on my own blog, and made a few more and de-spammed them hoping it would help Akismet to "learn" that I'm okay ... but still having problems. I have commented on 3 blogs this morning and my comments are not on any of them (obviously because they are being held as SPAM).

    What should I do next?

  10. honeybumble: send feedback and wait for staff to fix it. =)

  11. honeybumble, if it's from the same IP address that you posted this from, comments normally wouldn't be coming from there. Trackbacks maybe but not actual comments. Not sure if that would affect it or not. Just a bit of a surprise.

  12. Do NOT comment on other blogs until you can comment freely on your own. If your comments on your own blog are getting caught, your comments on other blogs will get caught and every one of those will count as evidence you really are a spammer.

  13. Thanks, staff have fixed this for me now. DrMike, I don't understand anything you said, but thanks anyway!

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