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Why do my comments not all appear on "Comments I've made"?

  1. On the "Comments I've made" page, accessed from my dashboard, my comments are not appearing. On one post, it gives an earlier comment as made by "you", and a later comment as made by "Clare Flourish", my username. It is as if, more recently, it does not recognise "Clare Flourish" as me. Comments on other blogs are published, but do not find their way onto "Comments I've made".
    Blog url:

  2. Could you please give a link of a comment that was made by you, and not showing up in the "Comments I've Made" section.

  3. commentBizarrely, it even applies to my own blog. Here is a link there.

    So, on site stats, it gives me previously as the top commenter, and then "Clare Flourish" as another commenter.

    What I see when I comment has changed too. Before, it said, "You are commenting using your wordpress account" and offered the chance to log out. Now, it lists name, email address and web address, which are ready filled in.

  4. Lady in Waiting blogThis comment does not show up in my "comments I've made" either.

  5. Maybe I should have played more before asking. When I click around the comment to "log on to my wordpress account" (even though I had been logged on already) I seem to comment as me.

  6. Yeah, you'll need to be logged in as a user via the comment form for that to work.

    The comment form offers other login options that you could choose, even though you're already logged in to itself.

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