Why do my galleries always contain "0 photos"?

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    Most of my posts are galleries. They are fine when they are displayed by themselves, but when they come up in a list (by selecting a category or archive), they always have the message “This gallery contains 0 photos” at the bottom of each post, even though that is plainly not the case. Any thoughts?

    Also, in the same situation where gallery posts come up in lists, the post’s title is centered which causes some problems for the text. It would be better if the title was either to the right or left. Is that possible?

    I’m using the Yoko theme – non-premium. Thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is bestonbarnett.wordpress.com.



    As in these Archive pages? http://bestonbarnett.wordpress.com/2013/01/

    A similar problem cropped up in the Forums when a blogger had created posts in Gallery format with photos that had been uploaded to the Media Library directly or inserted in other posts, rather than uploaded to the post where the Gallery is inserted. It seems to be a leftover before the ability to create Galleries from any photo was introduced last year.

    I’m going to tag this for Staff Assistance as they really are the only ones who can solve this for you.



    Hi Beston,

    This behavior is an issue with the Yoko theme. I’ve brought it up to our theme developers and they should have a fix soon. Thanks for letting us know!



    Hi Jackie, any updates on when this might be resolved?



    Hi justjennifer,

    At this point it appears to still be pending. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.



    Howdy! Just a note to say this appears to have been fixed several weeks ago, so I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but it should be working properly now. Cheers!

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