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Why do my HTML tags get removed when I edit a previous post?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to blogging and just made my first post but am encountering a formatting issue. Here's the issue: I have a 128x120 image at the beginning of my post with alig="left." For my text, I have a 3 line paragraph and then a numbered list.

    The Issue:
    Numbers 1 and 2 on my numbered list are to the right of the image and the "1" and "2" is being overlapped by the image.

    What I'm trying to do:
    I'm trying to add a <br> tag to push "1" and "2" in my ordered list so that they start below the image. While editing my post, I click the "code" tab and enter in the <br> tag but when I click "save", my <br> tag is stripped out and ignored (I confirmed this by clicking the "code" tab). So, at the end of the day, numbers "1" and "2" in my numbered are not pushed down to begin below the image.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. 1 - <br> is actually not correct. It should be <br />. Pain in the butt if you ask me but that's how it is in HTML 4.01 and XML. :)

    2 - Let me ask if you're in the right place. I do not that you don't have a blog linked to your name. Usually that's a sign that you're actually hosted elsewhere. if that is so, you're running different software than we are here at You need to be over at

    Hope this helps,

  3. drmike,

    1. Thanks for the reply but I just tried entering <br /> in the "code" view and clicked "save and continue editing" but it still didn't work (and the <br /> tag was stripped out). Any other thoughts?

    2. I'm pretty sure I'm in the right place since my WordPress blog is hosted at I didn't know I could link my blog to my name - I'll go figure that out now. Thanks!

  4. (1) You could try <p> </p>
    (2) Click "view your profile" at the top of the forum page and then "edit" to link your blog just suss it out and give the url in the right spot then click "Update Profile".

  5. timethief,

    I gave <p> </p> a try and it didn't work, either.

    Yup, I updated my profile while you were replying to this thread. Thanks.

    Any other suggestions?

  6. I'm disappointed to here it didn't work. :( I'm all out of suggestions so you'll have to send a feedback in to staff.

  7. This is an utterly simplistic workaround, but is it possible without messing up your post to just move the image to the right? That's what I do when the image overlaps a blockquote and would make it seem as if that were my work instead of someone else's.

  8. At first, I thought about moving the image to the right but didn't want to but after spending 1 hour researching this and trying different things, it's not worth it - I'll just move the image to the right.

    Well, if anyone knows how to fix this with the image to the left, please post back. Thanks.

  9. The only other thing I can suggest is to add several lines of text so that your numbered list as a whole drops down below the image. If you have several sentences in your paragraph, perhaps you could make each a line? It looks a bit odd, but it works and keeps your image in place. I agree that a left-aligned image looks best.

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