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why do my posts not appear on the reader? why are comments not visible on the bl

  1. my posts are not appearing on the reader. people are commenting, but this I get in the mail, it doesn't appear on the blog

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Posts only appear in the Reader after someone has "followed/subscribed" to your site and chosen to receive notices of your new posts in the Reader.

    If you mean your site is not showing up in the TAGS pages, then you'll want to read and learn more about using categories and tags. You appear to have only one category "inkflows" and if you search for that on the Tags page, it appears. However, inkflows is way too specific. Look at some of the other categories on the Tags pages and see if there are some there that are relevant to you as well.

    As far as your comments, do you have comment moderation set to approve every comment? If so, you've made a wise choice, but you have to click the "Approve" button in the new comment email notification before it will appear on your site.

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