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Why do my sidebar items not show on specific blog posts' pages?

  1. runningandeatinginnyc


    So I've noticed that my sidebar (RSS feeds, subscription button, tag cloud, etc) do not show up when pages with specific posts on them. For instance, while I have no problems with sidebar items on my main page (, the sidebar does not appear on specific post pages, i.e.

    Is this an html issue or an issue with the particular theme I'm using (Duster)?

    Thanks in advnace for your help!
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  2. This is just how Duster displays your posts - nice and clean without sidebars. :)

    If you want, you can change to something like Twenty Ten, which is still a clean-looking theme, but will display the sidebar items on the individual posts.

  3. runningandeatinginnyc

    That's what I suspected, but wasn't sure. Thanks for your help!

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