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Why do my text widgets keep disappearing????

  1. I'm trying to add a few badges to the side of my blog. I added one using the text widget and it worked perfectly.

    Now, when I try to add others, either in that first text box or with another one, the code that I paste in disappears. This happens no matter how many times I save. I open the text box, paste the code, save, then reopen the box, and the code is gone!


  2. If the code uses flash or javascript it's stripped out for security reasons.

  3. Thanks for the answer. How can I tell if it uses flash or javascript? I'm a total html novice....


  4. The code will have either the word flash or javascript in it, sometimes easy to miss. You're welcome to post it here -- between backticks, please -- so we can see it.

    The backtick looks like this ` and the key for it is just to the left of the 1.

  5. OK. I'm having a go at posting it here.

    <script type="text/javascript" src=";icon"></script>

    Aha! I see the javascript in it. So can I just not use this badge? If not, how do I get to work with my blog?


  6. Bingo! :)

    Delicious is easy -- you have a widget for it. If it's not showing among your available widgets, make sure the option to show all the widgets is chosen. You'll enter your delicious login, save everything, and that's that.

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