Why do my videos show as black boxes with audio?

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    I know there is a difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org, but I am having a problem with my videos on my wordpress.org site, and I do not want to sift through pages and pages of forum posts to solve the problem. All my videos come out as black boxes. I used SEVEN plugins and they are still coming out black. Just audio no video.

    I will be happy to provide further details. Please help, thank you.



    I will be happy to provide support for your WordPress.org blog, which you clearly know is not supported in these forums, but I will expect $500 up front before I begin work.


    No thank you. I will just use youtube to host the videos.



    And use WordPress.org to answer technical questions for your WordPress.org software.


    Good idea. I’m sure their members are not as nasty as those here.



    No, they’re worse. But they are more likely to give you advice appropriate to your software, because that is where it is supported.

    WordPress.com blogs cannot upload videos without a paid upgrade. They cannot use plugins. Obviously, we cannot provide technical advice about the uploading of videos and the use of plugins.

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