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Why do my views not match my likes/ new followers? How can I change this?

  1. Why have I got way more likes and new followers than the number of visitors to my page? Is there a way I can change this? Cheers

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    Likes and shares are misleading when you are talking about page view stats. Your followers and anyone with a blog who is logged into can "like" and "share" your posts in several locations such as in email and the Reader without ever clicking into your blog and creating a page view stat.

    Consider this please: If you provide full posts in your feed then what incentive is there for any readers to click into the blog and create a page view stats?

    See here for what I do to compel readers to read posts on my site >

  3. Aha good site. Thanks a lot for your help!

  4. You're welcome.

  5. Hey again...I followed your advice and put my feed option to only show a summary, but I am still getting very few site views compared to my likes. Is there anything else I can do? How are these people reading my post and liking it if they're not going to my site?
    By the way, just for some perspective - I can get 5/6 likes on a post but not a single view sometimes.
    Thanks a lot

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