Why do my widgets appear at the bottom of the last posts?

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    Hey please check out my blog http://aworthydiscussion.wordpress.com and tell me why those things appear at the bottom of the blog instead of the top? ITS DRIVING ME NUTS !!! PLEASE HELP !!!!



    They don’t when I look at it. But I can clearly see you’ve got problems.

    In this post, http://aworthydiscussion.wordpress.com/2008/05/22/reformed-theology-unconditional-election-part-3-of-6/
    it looks like the I tag has been split; ie half of it is on one side of the Read More and the other half is on the other. The Read More also splits Div tags and anything else it can get its hands on. This is why everything else on the page is italic.

    You have to edit that post in the HTML editor and make sure that all tags opened in front of Read More get closed in front of Read More, not behind it.

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