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Why do my widgets only appear as footers rather than a sidebar?

  1. stephaniegautam

    I have not been able to create a sidebar for my blog. My calendar, archives, followers, and Blog Roll appear as footers rather than as a sidebar, making it more difficult to find. I have tried a few suggestions I found in Support (such as going to Settings>>Reading and then clocking the text tab in search of <div/> and/or <!--more-->, but didn't see any in my posts. I am not sure how to manage this and create a sidebar. Would appreciate any help I can get! Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have chosen a theme with no sidebar, that's why you only have a footer. Just change themes.

  3. stephaniegautam

    Ah, so simple. Thank you! I still have quite a bit to learn about this whole blogging thing!!!

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