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  1. I am totally mystified by the process of blogging. Can some of you people help me out ?

    Why on earth do the majority of people blog ?

    Obviously, in most cases it's because they want to get as many people as possible to read what they write.

    But most blogs seem to get few readers.

    My blog has about 160 posts over a couple of years and most of the posts have reasonable 'value' and are worth reading - many are very interesting stories written by professional writers from daily newspapers.

    But, despite about 72 000 hits it looks as the the blog is simply checked out by about 20 hits a day - probably all the same people.

    I'm beginning to feel a bit weary as it would seem that even if the content value is good, getting readers by the word of mouth method is a no no.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on all this that might help me ?

    The blog I need help with is


  3. LOL (at raincoaster's response).
    I haven't looked at your blog rocket..will later. But you said your blog was written by other writers...

    maybe there's something there. Not sure where your writing "voice" is in your blog.

    But at least, it's being read. Rethink about your role and if you want to make changes on direction. Otherwise maybe you need to time-out for awhile..but if you do this that could affect your current audience following your blog. Have you polled your audience on what they would like to see?

    You are making the assumption that alot of bloggers get a ton of traffic. It's just not accurate.

    People have different reasons for blogging, no it's about writing. Whether it's writing primarily for oneself (venting, therapy) or for particular purpose to a niche audience.

    Try to understand now compared to 3 yrs. ago, there's a ton of stuff on Internet to browse endlessly, other technology toys/feed sources of info. that audience attention span may be abit lower than before.

    OR they are looking for short, but quality blog posts written in a snappier manner.

  4. By the way, having the odd visual here and there for your blog would be helpful. I know, it sounds juvenile to you and to some of us who survived 4-5 yrs. of university/college with text-only heavy books, but your audience is not academic. They are a general audience with a diverse range of literacy levels --if you want more people to drop to read the blog.

    You do have to grab some folks with a picture or 2 first, then maybe they'll read the text.

  5. Not everyone blogs in order to get high traffic levels though.

    I blog as a form of diary. I used to keep a traditional, book-based diary but have now switched over to using a blog.

    If you want increased traffic, a good way is to start building relationships, reading + commenting on other people's blogs. This will bring new readers, who hopefully share your interests.

  6. I am inspired to blog by the 25 people who wait patiently to get some new review. They don't even know me but when I miss a deadline they miss me. I love that feeling.
    Yes I get about a 100 hits a day but its a start

  7. I agree with nearlyetica...Not everyone blogs to get traffic.

    I blogs because I want to write about things that I like and enjoy...when people come and read and even comment, those are great bonuses.

    I have 3 blogs, 1 is very crowded (about 200views a day), the other 2 are very lonely (10 views at the most) but that doesn't make me want to close the other 2 blogs, I still write on those 2 blogs. The reason is simply because it's fun.

  8. My current, and most active blog (I have two other blogs that I monetize through Blogger, giving me a nice total of 4 blogs, in which only two I make money off of).

    IncognitoTeenager is just a place to write. Writing has seemed to be taking too long, and with an 80+ wpm, it seems typing is easier. My posts are (mostly, there are some spelling mistakes, and then I get a though that goes with another paragraph) unedited and they're just me, day by day. I don't really hope to get a lot of traffic. I think, because I've had very little success in blogging as of yet (I just got 90 subscribers to a trending topic due to a giveaway), a few views a day is enough. My most successful blog though, I expect more. Back to Incognito Teenager, just a place to write. It's a log + my 80 WPM. Sure, I would love to be heard, as I do post on forums, and comment with my link for no reason at all, because it's a personal blog and I post on websites that don't require you to be in "this' niche. If I get one view that's not from myself, I'm content. For that reason, I do not use Feedburner for my subscriptions - I am unsure if I should change it...Perhaps I will now.

    FictionChronicle is another place to write, because I can edit it to perfection easier than I would if I wrote in a notebook, though lots of my writing is still through notebooks, I can also transfer it and think "That doesn't make sense!"

    My two other blogs are for money-making, I've had a drive for four years, and finally got permission to, so I use AdSense and affiliate marketing (Affiliate marketing on one only) and make money (though the affiliate marketing one isn't launched yet, it will be tomorrow).

    The first reason I want to blog is for ease of access.
    The second reason I want to blog is to be heard.
    The third reason I want to blog is to make some extra money? Or to fulfill that desire I've had, spending many hours on How-To-Blog-For-Money websites.

    -Long post. :3

  9. If you're not enjoying it, or finding it unsatisfying, then I'd probably say it's not worth it. If you are enjoying it still, then it's worth it. It's that simple.

  10. To support lurid's point, if you lose the passion to blog, it will eventually show in your style/selection of topics that you write on.

  11. Some do it for business. others do it for personal, some do it for both, some do it just for fun or all of the above. The reasons "why" does anybody do it greatly varies.

    no mater why you do it, do it your way and make it unique as possible

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