Why do pictures sometime stretch and look truly awful?

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    I love images, I’m all about it. But I also have a lot to learn.

    On my blog, I have images that are stretched and some that don’t. And I don’t know why. Worse, on some of my computers, the images are fine and some of them they are stretched again. I know this probably has an easy answer but I’m struggling.

    I blame the Olympics. I’ve done nothing but stare at the tv set for 24 hours and my brain cells are paying the price.

    Anyway, I really appreciate any insight/help you can give me! Thanks

    The blog I need help with is pattydixon.com.



    Which images are the ones that are looking stretched? It’s most likely you’ve gone mad but if you give us an example I’ll have a look for you :)



    Wonderful! I do know I am mad so…isn’t that half the battle? ;)

    So if you kindly click on my blog, the slider images on the top.

    1. Summer antidote of the week is A-okay, not stretchy
    But the other two (the cat and the drinks) are wonky and stretched.

    Thanks, in advance!



    They look fine on my computer, have you tried looking at them using a different browser at all?



    Hmm, so strange. Thanks a mil for looking at it!

    I have, indeed, look at other browsers and other computers. Sometimes stretched, sometimes not.

    Oh, well.



    I’m not see any stretching using Firefox 14.0.1.

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