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Why do posts not appear in Reader?

  1. My last 3 posts have not appeared in reader. Sometimes if I reblog it will. But I do not want to have to reblog every post.

    My blog is:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I noticed you're publishing all of your recent posts under the Image post type, but there is quite a bit of text and no featured image, so the Reader won't display (it would display just an image and no post).

    I recommend switching those to the Standard post type, and also adjust your default post type at Settings -> Writing in your blog's Dashboard.

    Use the Image post type just for posts where you're sharing a single image.

  3. Hello! Thank you for your prompt response. Most of the posts with a single image are also not appearing in the Reader. I will change it to the default, but that still does not explain why none of my posts are showing up on the Reader; whether they have several pictures or just one. Oh, and all my posts have a featured image. I make sure of that before I release any posts. Thank you for your assistance. I sincerely appreciate your help!

  4. Once you're got the more text-heavy posts under the Standard post type, they should start reappearing after you publish your next post.

  5. May I ask why the single image posts are still not coming up? I have changed everything to the standard setting and reblogged a post to see if it worked. Still nothing. In addition to that, e-mails are also not being received by followers. I follow my own blog and used to get e-mails every time I posted something new. I no longer get them. I did change the name of my blog. I purchased site re-direct and the transfer seemed to have gone through fine. Could this be the problem? With the same settings everything was working until about a week ago. I did not change anything. It just stopped appearing on the Reader and e-mails were no longer being received.

  6. A reblog won't trigger it, it will need to be an actually published post.

    Regarding the redirect and followers, transferring followers is something that we have to do for you on request, it's not automatic.

    I don't see any requests connected to this account. Did you request the transfer from a different account or email address?

  7. I will create a new post. And no, I did not make a request. I thought it was automatic. Where do I make this request. Thank you for being so patient. :)

  8. Hm, we must have take care of this for you somehow, as there are no followers to transfer from the old blog.

    Regarding the unreceived emails, I can confirm that they are being sent. I'd ask them to check their spam folders.

  9. Not in the spam folders. Also, I released a new post 20 mins ago and I did not receive an email telling me about the post and it has not appeared in Reader. Everything is set to "standard," i confirmed that I am requesting to have an e-mail sent to me "immediately" after a post from me is released, and I also double-checked that my blog is public, not private.

  10. It's definitely appearing for me in the Reader:

    Are you looking in a specific tag listing, or the main Reader at!/read/ ?

    As for the emails, can anyone else confirm that it is also not in their inbox or spam folder?

  11. Oh I do not know what is happening. I am checking in with 5 people that follow my blog and they are not getting e-mails. Also my posts do not appear on my Reader though I am following my blog. The 5 people I am checking in with also do not seem my posts on their reader. They saw the posts that were posted last week, but not the new one's I posted this week. I have a feeling it had to with me changing the name of my blog. Is there no way to reset it without losing the information?

    Thanks for all your help. I just about give up. I have been on this all day and I can't figure out what the heck happened since last week.

    Take care!

  12. It's definitely working properly, so the next thing I'd have them (and you) try is un-following and re-following the blog.

    You can do this from the admin bar up top when viewing your blog.

  13. Ok, that worked. I guess I have to tell the people that were following me to un-follow me then re-follow me again. Problem is that I do not know how to access them all. Oh well, I guess I can start over with new followers.

    Thanks for everything!

  14. Excellent, I'm glad that worked!

    I'd recommend just leaving a quick post on the site about that. More than likely, this is just affecting a small percentage of your followers.

  15. Ok, will do. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate your time and patience. Cheers.

  16. You're welcome!

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