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Why do public users need to login to see my public blog?

  1. I've set my blog to public (Settings-Reading), but when someone goes to the website, they are asked to login. I want anyone who goes to the website to have access. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This blog is public and available to everyone with internet access.

  3. Thanks for the reply. But, unfortunately, I'm still having a problem. I asked a colleague to try the link and he was prompted to login. He tried it from two of his devices with the same problem. I had another friend try it as well, but he didn't have any problems. So I guess my question is, why would it prompt some users to login?

  4. I don't know. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance because I do not know how to help you. Another Volunteer may answer prior to Staff but I tagged the thread so it will not fall through the cracks and escape attention. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  5. I am not able to replicate the problem. Even when logged out completely, I am able to view your blog.

  6. womenwhothinktoomuch

    I have the same problem. When my daughter goes to read my blog from her smart phone, she can't see my blog unless she logs in and she doesn't have an account.
    [email redacted]

  7. The colleague who had the issue also does not have an account, so I think we can rule out that factor.

  8. And yes, rootjosh, it is only happening to some people. Perhaps you can try it from another device. But if there are any cloud settings that could possibly be effecting this, maybe you also need to try it from a non-member account/device in order to replicate the problem.

  9. I cannot replicate the problem on either site on any of my devices. Yes, I am completely logged out.

    Can you both post what part of the world your users are in? Do they have any trouble viewing other sites? For example,

  10. The colleague who had the problem is in the Netherlands. I've now had several others try it with no prompt to login (from the Netherlands and from the US). I will ask him to try other sites and get back to you.

  11. Please do, thanks.

  12. womenwhothinktoomuch

    My daughter is in the Ozark Mts in Oklahoma.

  13. My daughter is in the Ozark Mts in Oklahoma.


    Does she have any trouble viewing other sites from her phone? For example,

  14. My colleague responded as such:

    "I am now working on a different machine (Windows 7).
    i notice that my anti-virus programme (F-Secure) warns me of the page - I need to manually add an exemption.
    If I add that (how many people would?) I get a singularly unappealing page (see attachment), but perhaps this was the purpose?

    PS: Just checked: it makes a tremendous difference whether the page is viewed from within Firefox or Google Chrome. If this page is anything to go by - you want your blog to be recognisable in layout on different machines?"

    The attachment is a view of the webpage evilphotoeye: no pictures loaded, strange formatting, and overall looks as if it is not functioning properly.

    And of course, I want my blog to be readable and in the same layout no matter the machine! So this seems to be a big problem!

  15. @ljvollmer

    I am almost positive that the issue is with the antivirus program. I do not see any appreciable difference between Chrome and FF when viewing and I absolutely see the images in both browsers.

  16. @rootjosh
    No issue using: FF27, Chrome 32 or IE11 for me.

  17. If it is a problem with the antivirus program, then the three devices he tried it on must all have the same problem. Doesn't that seem unlikely, considering he used a work computer, mobile device, and home computer? Also, he only got the warning on the one device.

  18. Given that nobody else can replicate the issue and that other readers from the same area are not reporting issues, the most likely cause is something on his machine or network.

    Without more information, there is not a whole lot more we can deduce.

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