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Why do side by side images set at same height appear at different heights?

  1. Hi musicdoc1,

    First of all sorry for not replying to your previous threads. It seems your replied were caught by our spam filter, obviously I unspammed them. If it happens again, just e-mail us directly.

    As far as I can see both images have the same height. Do you also encounter this issue in a different browser? for example Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?

    Otherwise send us a screenshot of the page where you're seeing this:

  2. The issue is resolved by removing both the size and image id settings from image editor>advanced settings>CSS Class. I never had to do this until recently. I discovered the resolution only by experimenting with the settings.

    The problem in a nutshell:
    Wordpress seems to have made a change in how default settings are applied to uploaded images. The default CSS class settings of an uploaded image now override the height and width settings in the html code of the embedded image. Why? And why is WordPress giving us more work to do to get the same results.?

  3. However, this strange change is nothing compared to the problems with the new WordPress gallery editor. I'll start a new thread or two on those issues.

  4. No, WP hasn't made a change. You had asked about the same issue here:
    I gave you a preliminary reply there but you never posted back.

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