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Why do some link categories show up as tags in my tag cloud but others don't?

  1. I recently added a bunch of link categories to my site. Suddenly, one of the tags in my tag cloud changed in accordance with a similar link category. I did not realize that these two were the same as they are in separate area.

    More confounding is that none of the other link categories that I created, which match other tags, were similarly changed.

    Does anyone know why link categories would change tag names?
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  2. Are you using the same words as Tags and also as Categories? If so you will regert doing that.

  3. But categorizing links is not the same as categorizing posts, is it? As in, my post categories don't show up in the list of link categories. I must create link categories separately from my existing post categories.

    As for the tags/categories question, Care to expand on that?

    No matter how much I read on post categories and tags from WP, I didn't ever get the impression that it was a no-no. Can I not tag a post about overpopulation as "Overpopulation" and also place it in a category of the same name?

  4. 1. We do assign links to Categories. If you don’t assign a link category for a new link, it will be assigned the default link category. You can choose the default link category in Settings -> Writing.

    2. If you do use the same word in Tags and Categories you will have editing issues. Categories are broad subject headings like Whales and Tags are more specific like Orcas.

  5. Sorry, your feedback seems to be compounding my questions.

    My original question was about

    categories. I created one, assigned a link to it, altered its spelling, and when I did it changed a


    categories and
    categories are not the same thing. Or, if they are, why do my list of post categories not show up in the links tab?

    Thank you.

  6. Well, my amateur mistakes are even more obvious now. Sorry, I was trying to underline, not make lists.

    Please ignore the formatting in the above reply.

    I wish I could edit my comments.

  7. I'm sorry. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

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