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Why do some of my comments get randomly deleted?

  1. Here's an example: in a discussion about HGH testing in the NFL someone said it can only be caught within a couple hours of injection. I replied and stated that that information was incorrect and explained the 2 types of HGH testing and the timeline with which HGH can be detected using either one. Nothing outside the scope of the discussion, nothing in violation of the rules. But my comment is gone. Sometimes any comment I make will be removed, other times they stay. WHY?!

  2. I just reposted it, it showed up just fine and then 10 minutes later I check it again and it's gone.

  3. Where is the URL starting with http:// to the blog and/or comment you are referring to please? Note: All bloggers people choose which comments to approve and posts and we have no control over that.

  4. sorry about that extra "people" word that doesn't belong above


    ProFootballTalk uses WordPress, I emailed them first directly, they linked me to this forum to get help.

  6. That site is a VIP hosted site. As I said above each blogger, regardless of whether they have a VIP hosted blog or not is in control of the comments on their blogs. We cannot help you.

  7. But presumably it isn't a question of censorship, otherwise they would not have directed me here, right? I will concede the possibility that they are blowing me off / gave me incorrect information but if it IS a technical issue who should I talk to?

  8. I tagged this thread for Staff and if you subscribe to it you will be notified when they respond.

  9. Overall, bloggers are responsible for the moderation of their own comments.

    I don't see any particular reason for why your comments would be blocked, so I recommend contacting them again.

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