Why do some of my pages shift to the right?

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    Hi all, I’m not sure why it’s happening, but for some reason some of my pages are shifting to the right.

    If you click on my menu, “Home” and “Meet the Chef” are the where they should be (I think), but “Get in Touch” “Recipes” “Ingredients” and “Dieting” all shift about an inch to the right.

    Thoughts? All help is greatly appreciated! thanks :-)

    The blog I need help with is lipstickkitchen.com.


    I see Recipes, but don’t even see ingredients or dieting. Is the site listed above the one you are talking about?



    Oh! No, sorry. It’s:



    I’m not seeing any shift to the right on that site either in ingredients, recipes or dieting.

    What browser are you seeing this in?



    firefox 17.0.1. But it does it in explorer too.

    Actually, as I was just preparing some screenshots of the problem I figured out WHY it’s doing it – the pages that have content, like the home page and the about page, are shifted left there’s a scroll bar at the right of the screen, while the other pages don’t have that. So I guess it won’t be a problem once I have content on those other pages.

    Thanks anyway thesacredpath!


    You are welcome.

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