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Why Do Some Themes Have Local Tags Instead Of Global Tags?

  1. I have a friend who is using the Girly theme on Her category links at the bottom of each post are local (they don't take me away from her site). I though that all the WP themes had global tags under the posts and local tags in the sidebars.

    Which themes support local tags under the posts?

  2. I wonder about this too..the tags in my posts (Cutline theme) go to the global tags, and I want them to be local.

  3. You know, I love WordPress, but I'm getting really tired of the inconsistency and feeling like we're in a perpetual beta period.

  4. Me too. My head is spinning now. I can't tell when tags work right because I do not know what they should be doing because no one has said. Truth be known.: Its kinda sucky :)

  5. Granted that it's a frustrating situation. But perhaps staff are furiously working theme by theme in the backend to make the tags consistent and what is really needed is some patience and some time.

  6. Yes ma'am :)

  7. Well it seems to me that they can't get as much done if they are answering support tickets as they can if we just post details to the forum and wait for them to work through the problems. Don't you think that's logical?

  8. TT,

    You have a point, but once again, we are left in the dark when a simple message stuck to the top of the main forum would prevent a constant barrage of requests to Support. It would also relieve alot of frustration.

  9. True but I'm enduring all kinds of frustration myself. I cannot move the widgets on any of my blogs at all. So seeing a forum post from staff saying they are working on it wouldn't help me much ... I know they are working like crazy to fix all kinds of things ... but then again I'm the self pacifying type. :)

  10. Quick question for the OP: has your friend selected the option to hide her blog from search engines and the global tags system? That would make all her tag and category links local regardless of the theme.

  11. Yes if stats and rankings are not at issue then that would surely do it.

  12. Wank,

    I'm not sure. Is there a way to tell without asking? Here's her blog:

  13. I asked and her theme was set to block search engines and WP sites. It's been changed now and the category links work as expected.

  14. I'm still just baffled over all of this. I want local and global stuff. Am I nuts are shouldn't ONE be local and the OTHER be global?

    Say categories are LOCAL for your site and tags are GLOBAL for all of wordpress.

  15. no, you ain't THAT nuts ;-) you know,

    ... there was some confusion when we first introduced the feature but once people started seeing how tags could drive additional traffic to their pages they changed their mind.

    However even for something that 99% of people love and 1% hate because of the size of you’ll find a few thousand people who hate anything we do or change. Our job is filtering that feedback for good ideas and deciding what’s best for the majority of our users.

    scuseme for a shameless plug, but well it's almost an interview.

    see also:

    Blog Interviewer: WordPress was certainly not the first blogging software on the scene but what factors do you think have allowed it to eclipse other blogging scripts like Movable Type?

    Matt Mullenweg: If I had to look at why WordPress has been successful to the extent it has, I think it is mostly due to that we listen. We are users of the blogs ourselves. I mean, every WordPress developer is a pretty active blogger, and we listen a lot to the people using the software. Our assumption is that we cannot and will not know the best stuff for the next version of WordPress, so I do not even try to make predictions of where WordPress is going to be in a year or two because frankly, I do not know. If you asked me two years ago if we would be where we are now, I would have said something completely different. Our users are very smart because they use WordPress obviously and they are not shy, so they are very willing to share their opinions about where things can go. So our role and my role as sort of their lead developer is very much taking in all these inputs and trying to synthesize where we should go with the project and balance out what is often a silent majority with a few very passionate users who might be on the leading edge, and those few passionate users might out weigh the majority sometimes because they are where everyone is going to be a year from now, and sometimes we say the majority might out weigh them, and so just sort of navigating those waters is, I think, a big part of what I do.

  16. I've got the CSS upgrade - can I just kill the DISPLAY of the categories in my post so they aren't so darned confusing??

    One of the blogs I have with my daughter is for kids and they are ALWAYS confused, even through I run the category listing on the sidebar widget. I still want to sort them with the categories, I just want the globals out of my post window.

  17. yes, you can... but depending on your theme in use, this way will also kill other useful post meta-data such as post time-stamp, author, RSS feed, Trackback URL (and whatever else will be put in there) as well [forums post].

  18. How can you find out what meta-data will be killed by changing the CSS? Options says it depends on the theme in use. I'm using Digg 3 and want to remove the "filed under" and "tagged" links below each post because they link outside the blog. I would not like to lose time-stamp and author data, however, nor the comments link. Can anyone clarify what happens to this theme if you "kill the display"? And then, of course, if it can be done I'd need help figuring out how to change the CSS to make it happen. I'm a CSS novice.

  19. If you kill the tags on Digg 3 you'll keep the timestamp and author but lose the comments link. Also, of course, it'll cost you $15 for the privilege. There's a thread on it here.

  20. Here's how I want it to work:

    I want the links within my post to be local. When my readers click on a category within my post, I want them to see what else I have written about that topic, not what someone else has written that usually has nothing to do with what I am focused on.

    I want the links in the column on the side to be local as well.

  21. then your blog has to be set as "private". There is no way around this.

  22. Won't having staff set the blog as Mature have the same effect?

  23. ah, yes, i think it will. Good point, Rain

  24. no, it won't!

    getting Mature status set will have quite an opposite and unexpected effect.

    namely, both Category AND Tag links within a "mature" blog posts lead into blank "Not Found" global tags page which says:

    "Sorry, we don’t have any posts here with that tag. 
    You may want to try one of the sites below."

    and below there are only Automattic's partners sites.

    so, judyb is correct: unfortunately, "Private" status, i.e. protected from indexing by the search engines, is the only but unacceptable way to have the sane (from the point of usablity) links behavior in the post metadata on

  25. Sending 404s can't be intended behaviour. Nobody wants to make their site look more broken than it is. Did you get any reponse from support when you told them about the bug?

  26. I can fix 404's - I just need the blog name.

  27. @mdhillison
    Your username is currently linked to a website rather than to a blog. Are you getting 404's? If so please let Mark know what the url for your blog is.

  28. Mark, you can fix 404s, but these pages have "200 OK" response in their headers indeed.

    sorry for the possible confusion, I just called such pages "Not Found" because that's how they really should be called as I believe.

    Adam (SBK) was first who mentioned this issue (and I have to admit I didn't catch it at once), but then he also linked to such mature blog post in the comment he left on my blog.

    I don't know whether it's an intended behaviour or a true bug -- mature status and global tags are kind of a 'grey valley'.

    not sure if I ever sent a request on this issue to the support, but taking such an opportunity a month ago I directly asked about this issue Andy who kindly replied in the thread mentioned above (and obviously had a chance to read Adam's note as well).

    then I asked the same question directly Matt too, who was also kind enough to provide me with some details on the nature of Automattic's business.

    and no, in both cases I didn't get any response from them -- it's probably either because I was too harsh or they were too busy to follow up those threads.

    just in case if there are too many linkbacks to my blog they can be safely removed and relevant threads referenced can be found via 'google custom search' link on the sidebar (regular WP search doesn't look for comments and Pages), search terms are: mature empty.

  29. and no, mdhillison is not getting 404s.

    but she is

    still just baffled over all of this. I want local and global stuff. Am I nuts are shouldn't ONE be local and the OTHER be global?


    I can't see anything wrong there.
    There is no tag cloud and the categories I clicked worked.

    What am I missing?

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