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Why Do The Links In My Blogroll Have Zeroes In Front Of Them?

  1. To whit:

    Any help is much appreciated.

  2. I think that's how it was designed. I wish my template had that or an - or an * so to seperate the names a bit better.

  3. They aren't zero's lol. It's just the 'bullet' design.

  4. I guess you stripped them out, because I don't see any, only an asterix in front of the first blogroll entry.

    But GAWD! You should warn people when you're sending them to a picture of a nekkid Rod Stewart, flaunting armpit fur. Ew!!!

  5. @ raincoaster
    I think you must be viewing it in IE6, which tends to have some errors when viewing WordPress pages. *shock horror!* you didn't view it in Firefox! lol
    IE7 seems to be ok though, from what I remember, but can't use it now as my PC went a bit haywire when I tried to download the latest version.

  6. If you view it in Firefox is it Billy Idol instead?

  7. LOL!
    I should have made myself clearer. I meant the 'bullets' lol.

  8. I'm in IE 6 and I don't see them. Was SOS using the Contempt theme to begin with?

  9. Drmike, I said don't use IE6. I don't know *sigh* newbies *sigh lol!
    Yes he was using Contempt theme. Trouble with IE6 is that, as well as other things, sometimes the sidebar drops to the bottom, or even disappears altogether!

  10. I didn't say you. I just said for reference that I didn't see them and I was using IE6 since the question came up.

    And who are you calling a newbie? Back in my day, we didn't have this en-turn-net thingie and one's and zero's for our data. Either the rocks were banged together for a positive or they were pulled apart for a negative. And we had to walk 5 miles through the snow and lava to bang those rocks together to compile our data... :)

  11. LOL to all of you!

    Just for the record, I'm using Firefox. I suppose if they're bullets, it's okay. I just find them distracting.


  12. @sonofspam
    If you don't like the appearance of the bullets in the Contempt sidebar and if you're not a keener on the "boxes" either you might like the look of the k2 lite theme better. I'm using it here if you'd like to see how it looks with data in it. The Kubrik theme is also very similar to the other two but it has little arrows >> for bullets rather than circles.

  13. Yeah, thanks for the advice, timethief. I liked K-2 but not the way it reduced the font of my blog header. Looks like Kubrik is the way to go.


  14. You're welcome - Happy blogging!

  15. Dr Mike, you had your own rocks? In my day we had to walk ten miles to the rock co-op!

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