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why do the views not display correctly all the time?

  1. views not showing. i have noticed this several times in recent days. i receive an email letting me know someone likes a post on my site. when i check the Site Stats page, nothing appears for that day. or, sometimes not as many appear. today, for example, i have so far received 6 emails regarding one of the posts. and so far, the stats page shows nothing in any category for the day. a few of the visitors for today are new people; they have never been to the site before. what's going on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Our stats are not real time stats. They take time to update and it appears that Staff are working on that area now. If your stats have not updated in several hours time then please post again.

  3. i do understand the stats take time to update; i have noticed they update approximate every hour. i have my blog set on Moscow, RU time; since midnight Moscow time - 3.5 hours ago, there have been 6 views/visitors. or i should say, i have received 6 emails for likes. but nothing shows on the stats page. how much longer should i wait for the update?

  4. I believe that Staff may be working on that area based on the fact that you are not the onbly one who has posted about this. I tagged this thread and the others for a Staff follow-up.

  5. okay.. thank you/spasibo

  6. is the staff still working on the stats area? it has been over 12 hours since i was last online, and so far my stats page still does not show the correct number of views for today.

  7. i have also gotten the following message a few times since last night; i get it when i click the link on my dashboard to the Site Stats page:

    The page requested does not exist

    The page you requested does not exist, or you do not have have the necessary privileges to access it. You may return to the dashboard of The National Harold-Gazette, new & old by clicking here.

    If you reached this screen by accident and meant to visit one your own sites, here are some shortcuts to help you find your way.
    Your Sites

    The Family Xenormyn
    Visit Dashboard | View Site
    The National Harold-Gazette, new & old | View Site

  8. Users are able to Like posts from the Reader:!/read/

    Since they do not visit your blog, this will not generate a View, so it's not uncommon for Views to not match Likes.

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