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Why do the widgets , latest post and most viewed post not show on the side bar

  1. My widgets called, latest post and most viewed posts do not show up on the sidebar. Can you help me please?
    Thanks, Kamala

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You do not appear to have any posts, that's why. Just Pages.

  3. I have posts but they don't appear on the sidebar.
    thankyou for answering.

  4. Really? Where are they? I only see static pages. Give me a direct link to one of your posts.

  5. @rain: They do have posts (well, sort of):

    @kamalamoore: Those two widgets aren't showing on the main page because you messed with their visibility settings. Open each widget to edit it, click Visibility, set the second pulldown to "--Select--", save.

  6. Thanks everyone, I had the settings wrong.
    Appreciate your input.

  7. this is nightmare, i cant get any picture in right widget, what I get this is empty frame with this ? why? where to activate what to activate ???

  8. I already answered you in the other thread. Don't hijack existing threads with unrelated inquiries.

  9. I didn't get your answer. What the hijacking. I am asking you a question. Why I can't insert any picture in side widget? If I activate item and resize it I get only empty frame with ? inside ... ??

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