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  1. Dear WordPress Support,

    I've noticed a number of typos on posts appearing on LinkedIn, that were 'publicized', after being published on my blog. I've contacted LinkedIn Support and here's their reply:

    'I looked at the blog updates, and it looks like there might be something wrong with the way the information is being sent to our API from WordPress. I'd suggest contacting them directly, and they can contact us about the API issue if need by.
    Steve - Technical Support Engineer (ticket #120926-005626)'

    This problem does not appear on Twitter or other social media to where my posts are publicized too. Please advise how to proceed.

    Thanks and regards

    Wesley Coll
    Blog url:

  2. Thanks, would you please send us a screenshot of one of the posts on LinkedIn, vs. the URL of the actual post here?

    You can upload the screenshot via Media -> Add New in your blog's Dashboard.

  3. Hi, Mac,

    I've uploaded a screen shot of LinkedIn with three of the latest posts published on Colltales, following your instructions.

    Let me know. Thanks


    /Users/Wes/Desktop/Screen shot 2012-10-03 at 10.58.21 PM.png

  4. Thanks, we're looking into this!

  5. Hi, Macmanx,

    Just wondering whether is there any progress on this issue. It's still adulterating with typos texts and headlines sent to LinkedIn. Let me know.

    All the best,

    Wesley Coll

  6. Sorry, we're still working on this.

  7. Hopefully this is fixed now, please let us know if you're still seeing anything like that happening!

  8. Thanks macmanz

    I'll let you know tomorrow, when the new story is posted. Will I be able to fix the past, screwed ones on my LinkedIn page? Thanks so much for your help guys.


  9. Dear macmanz and beau, customer support,

    This issue seems to have been resolved; there're no apparent typos as of today's post. However I wonder whether there's a way to fix the past posts that got riddled with them, without having to resend every single one of the posts (they're daily, and go back a few weeks). Please let me know and thanks again. You guys do rock.

    Wesley Coll

  10. Glad to hear the problem seems solved.

    Unfortunately there's no way to edit something once it's published over to LinkedIn, they don't provide that option.

    Also, you should note that if you delete them, you won't be able to re-Publicize them because Publicize avoids sending posts to the same place twice (to prevent accidental reposting and spam). So if you choose to delete them, you'd need to manually re-share those items within LinkedIn.

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