why do visitors to my page find nothing I've published?

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    When I navigate to my WordPress homepage {to see what others see} there is nothing but a prompt saying the requested archive cannot be found. The piece I just published is nowhere to be found and what is uncategorized and how do I categorize my publications? Also, how do I link my blog to my Facebook page? and… I have another blog in my monastic name and, somehow, it automatically posts to non-monastic Facebook page. How do I resolve this issue. Quite honestly, and perhaps it’s my own ineptitude, I have had nothing but problems trying to use wordpress for my blog. It does not predispose one to the idea of upgrading.

    The blog I need help with is deweyreeves.wordpress.com.



    Hi there – The post doesn’t appear yet because it’s saved as a draft, not published. You can publish it from here:

    Click edit below the post title and then publish it, and you’ll see it on your blog. :)

    You can read more about how to add categories here:

    You can link your blog to Facebook in this way — note that you’ll need to be logged into the Facebook account you want the blog to publish to when you click connect:

    If you’re new to WordPress.com, I recommend going through our new user’s guide here:

    It’s a big help with getting started!

    Let me know if you have additional questions. I’m happy to help you get going. :)



    I tried everything in the email and, though the website tells me the piece is published and connected to my Facebook page, it is not! I’m beginning to think that perhaps another blog website would be better because this is becoming far too frustrating to deal with Word Press.. It is just too difficult to use.



    i am having exactly the same issues. and have been since i started using wordpress three weeks ago. i add posts from my app as i am travelling. however sometimes when i refresh the posts from my app they all disappear and then a while later reappear. then disappear again.

    wordpress is too user unfriendly to use remotely and i really am gutted i cannot keep my family up to date whilst i am abroad.



    There are no published posts here http://deweyreeves.wordpress.com/
    Go to > Posts > All Posts and hover over the title of your draft post. Click the “Edit” link that appears. Enter the draft and go to the Publish module on the top right hand corner and click the big blue “Publish” link. A picture may help. Look at this image and never mind the text http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/schedule-a-post/notscheduled/



    Exactly which app are you referring to p[lease?
    Did you use the guide here http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/#publish-a-new-post for creating and publishing a post?



    Well, I’ve done everything the tutorial & the {it’s a joke to label it} ‘help’ offered by this website… The should list WordPress as the paragon of user-unfriendly websites.. I’m done with them… dumping this blog to find one that is actually of some value to a writer because this one’s a joke !



    @deweyreeves – You still do not have a published post, but have only one saved as Draft. I’m sorry this is frustrating, but you have to publish a post for there to be anything to appear on Facebook.

    Can you publish your draft by editing it here and clicking the blue Publish button:



    I’ve already started a blog elsewhere.. it took less time to set up the account and publish the first piece than it has taken me to read the responses in this forum.. I’m done with WordPress… a big waste of time….

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