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Why do you Blog?

  1. I have just recently started to blog, I only have one post under my belt. Tomorrow night I will begin another, but the question that burns through my brain is..... Why do you blog?

  2. Why do you have seven posts in the forums and only one on your blog?

  3. i wasn't looking for visitors initially, it was just a place for me to collate my poetry. people started visiting and commenting and i'm enjoying the feedback i'm getting.

  4. For fun I like to write

  5. mysterycreature1

    I blog to get me back into the swing of writing, as a bit of therapy, and to meet a community. It's also just fun.

  6. I blog cos it's wonderful to see my stuff instantly online. The thought that potentially anyone with a net connection can view my posts is exciting. Besides, I like to solve problems and do things - many of my posts also offer help for wordpress and guides to things online.

    And the best part is the community. I get feedback in my blog in a way that would never have been possible if I wrote on paper! :D

  7. Because I have nothing better to do and its my summer vacation.

  8. To seek for distraction from my pathetic 'lil life! Wish i had a real job instead. Somebody help me out?

  9. I have passion for Javanese culture and language, and a certain amount of hate for Indonesia, my mother country. That's what I blog and that's why I blog. Besides, I love sharing stories, experience, and ideas. And blogging is fun (with or without visitors).

  10. honestly, i'm too lazy to buy a paper journal and write with a pen/pencil. the internet is much more accessible, provided that it's not down. i've tried the paper journal thing, and i'm really bad at keeping up with it because it tends to get misplaced in my house. :x

  11. raincoaster(snitcher), why are you counting how many times he post in the forums? you sound like everyone's mommy sometimes!!! relax man go smoke a joint or something...
    oo thanks a lot for reporting me..

  12. *sigh* fight, fight, fight (clicks tongue)

    I blog because I like to write. It's fun and I especially like allot of traffic and readers :)

  13. it's therapy. although most of my posts aren't really all that just feels good to write, period.

  14. To speak up!

    Visit me and leave interesting comment to get me blogroll your blog :).

  15. tuesdayamorado

    Ooh. Let me overthink and then overexplain this.

    Well, I vaguely remembered that I used to enjoy writing. After a few attempts I realized fiction isn't so much my thing anymore, and so went back to journaling (after reading some of my old journals and not hating them). So there's that aspect of it - me trying to get a certain feeling that I've missed. And then there's the "therapy" part of it, which is me deciding to make it public. Because I'm actually an incredibly private person, and so this is me forcing myself to speak publicly, in a way, and I think that is good. Also, I'm a little bit addicted to my blog stats, tiny though they be.

  16. @ buenotc: I didn't report you. Should I?

    Some people blog. Some people post in forums. They are different kinds of people. That's why I bring it up. There are people who tan at the beach and there are people who swim, but you won't learn to swim without getting wet.

  17. i reported buenotc.

  18. Good for you, amandzing! Bravo.

    I blog because i see no homo sapiens smart enough to be what they should.

    Hail to The Pithecus Sanctus!
    Hail BabaliciouS!

  19. Because we can.

  20. (we) = Lain & Me.

  21. babaku's blog is gone?

  22. Happens a lot.

  23. Because the best way to learn to write is to write. And then write some more.
    It's a way to discipline myself and hone my skills.

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