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Why do you blog?

  1. The thing is, I don't blog just for me. More than anything else, I write everything for you. I love knowing that what I write is of great benefit to you and that you can take what I put on my pages and create something huge with it. :)

  2. Sometimes I blog for the benefit of humanity......... but mostly I blog because in my day to day life people like you really piss me off and throwing a load of verbal vomit to the wind of the internet is somewhat liberating.

  3. To see other people points of view and to help someone if i can. That would give me satisfaction.

  4. So I can try to spread the word about, or generate some interest in, what I think is important...or perhaps "fun" would be a better word.

  5. I blog about PC games ! :D

  6. Hi guys. Me and my co-blogger are relativley new to blogging, meaning we dont know what the hell we're doing. WE just did our first post on "going green". I know its probably a bad choice for a FIRST post but it was important. for anyone who is a experienced blogger, i would be forever grateful if you checked out our blog and gave us some feedback. My name is kirsten and im 15, my co-blogger is Jeremiah and he is 21. We would both be grateful to hear your opinions. We started blogging because it seemed like a good way to be heard, which is relativley hard. I heard about from a friend who is also a blogger. So far, we love it. But so far, no one has viewed our page! lol

  7. I started blogging (at blogger) because I wanted to slow down. I thought having a blog would make me pause and think about my life... try to get a bit deeper. It worked! I switched to WordPress because I loved the interface, the usability, the different themes, and the ability to have other pages.

  8. - something to do.
    - write about stuff that i don't feel like telling people (in real life that knows me)
    - i dont like keeping things in, i rater total strangers read it then people i know.
    - and i always thought it was cool.

  9. It gives me an outlet to express my feeling and opinions.

  10. It's fun, relaxing... blogging is great.
    Almost as great as social networks ;-)


  11. flowergardengirl

    I blog to document the flowers I grow professionally and for pleasure. I blog about new cultivars and I also write a column for an online newspaper. My blog drives traffic to my site and vice versa.

  12. to vent my thoughts

  13. I am a compulsive writer. Have been since childhood, filled pages of my little notebooks with what attracted my little eyes. when the blogging world opened for me, it was like a dream come true. Suddenly I found a platform to let my creative energies flow. There were social issues I wanted to talk about, fiction and poetry that was collecting in my word docs. and wanted to share the travel experiences. As iI started to find my way in this blogger world I realized there was so much to learn, read and soon it became a habit, a daily habit to blog. There were challenges, contests, tags and so much more. I made contacts with writers, poets nd many more bloggers who inspired me. Earned some bucks too as a bonus.
    here is my blog page for all of you too visit.

    Spinning the Yarn Of Life

    Do visit.

  14. I just started my very first blog today, and I am just doing it to have an outlet for some of the photos that I take.

    I also hope to make a lot of friends in the blogging community as well as in the photography world.

    Thanks for having me, WordPress.

  15. Mine's a bit of an odd story that might not make a lot of sense.
    One day I got sick of all the Heath Ledger love and went on a long rant (which has sense been posted in my secondary rant blog). Along with that rant I decided to review every comic book ever made, (I think that may be the nerdiest thing I've ever said). Originally I was going to post these reviews in a series of myspace blogs. Well they're turned out to be way more comic movies than I realized. All of this took a log time, I lost interest in doing the blog series and posted my rant, then I was stuck with a lot of reviews so I finished them and about that time a co-worker showed me his wordpress I was pretty impressed so I posted my reviews up on a blog and continued from there.

    Recently I started a second blog for all my rantings because apparently everyone is highly entertained by them.

  16. I blog so that I can have a medium on which to post my writing where I can receive feedback and discover where I need to improve and work on getting better at these problems so that I may become a full-fledged novelist

  17. To show off the geeky and loser side of me that I don't show to my real life friends.

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