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Why Do You Blog?

  1. minervaphotography

    So I can watch my photography grrrrrrrrooooooow :)

  2. edwilsonishere

    For me I guess it's because I like having my own little space where I can talk about all the dorky stuff that I like.

  3. unknownwpressuser

    because its what i do

  4. For reflection. I also want to get back into writing.

  5. I blog because I enjoy writing. I especially like the idea of other people reading about topics I write about (whether they be subjective or objective posts).

    Furthermore, I like the idea that each post I make is a snapshot of my life in some way. A memory, if you will. Whether it be a personal post of some stupid story about my day, a reflection of my life, a Pittsburgh Penguins game preview or recap, a music post, what have you. I'll always remember how I felt on those days, what music I was digging at the time, and what happened exactly in those hockey games and how I felt during them.

    I love hockey, music and TV. If I can get someone out there interested in some sport, player, band, song, show, movie, or whatever that they may not have been interested in or have never heard before then I feel like I have done my part in this social medium.

    I simply want to share the things I enjoy with as many people as I can, and what better way to do so than the internet?

    /this has been way too long. Sorry, I'm still new to blogging so I gush about it a lot.

  6. michaeljmorris

    I was asked to by my teacher for certain assignments but originally would only have to make a posy every week or so.

    I decided to write everyday(or close to) just to improve my writing. I enjoy writing and instead of writing papers for college, I get to write about something that I enjoy.

  7. Because the world will be destroyed if I don't make a post every few days.
    It's true.
    IT'S TRUE!

  8. threestoriestenpoems

    I blog to keep myself writing. Through ALL of it.

  9. For most of the reasons everyone else has. I love to write, and I feel lonely. I have the need to connect to others; to share how I really feel.

  10. For most of the reasons everyone else has. I love to write, and I feel lonely. I have the need to connect to others; to share how I really feel.

  11. it's an excusable place to not be pressured to make sense. plus my friend told me to.

  12. Otherwise the Chokochokos wouldn't have a place to live...
    But I like to write not to mention fun to connect with others with similar interests.

  13. I blog for two main reasons — because I enjoy writing and because I enjoy helping people. I am constantly looking for intellectual satisfaction through writing. Also, I have a genuine need to help my fellow man. I combined those two characteristics with my knowledge of technology and out popped my blog. :D

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