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  1. Hello... desertrosebud... Is that you? Anyone there...

  2. I blog to promote some of my businesses and I also blog to give my customers information.

    I blog at home to try and get myself into making art pictures again. I am out of the habit of doing any art and so I was hoping that when I do a picture I would blog about it and that it might get me back into the habit. It did not work, not at the moment any how. a business blog to give information to my customers. for my art when I get to do it.

  3. I blog to let off some steam and potentially sobotage my career one day...

  4. well i get blogging to show you guys my pictures and things that happen in my life. i wrote it in german, but maybe i should write it in english 'cause there are a lot more people...

  5. I blog, to touch the very heart and soul of everyone.
    To be a guide as to how to achieve the highest realization of SELF ever thought by a human being.

  6. i blog for me,to get things out,make observations,from my own life and have it all layed out for my one examination,to reaffirm what i believe in,and how i view life,to give myself perspective,and also to have an outlet for self expression

  7. I just love the feeling of expressing my creativity in a linear manner and having somebody who I don't know personally identify with me... it's great, really.

  8. I blog to practice my English and to look at my life from a safe distance, so that I can make it better.

    I don't know. I don't thing my blog is interesting, maybe it's very boring and blah for most readers (well, they don't exist, so I'm safe for now, he). But I also write for myself.

  9. I blog because there are times it's better than speaking.

  10. to shamelessly promote the joys of refusing to mature

  11. I have no idea, I just started and then couldn't stop. It's like a way to plan

  12. I blog to share my offbeat interests including sub-division one college sports, bad movies, Vietnamese mythology, Navajo mythology, Bunyoro mythology, the English Civil War, ancient Greek comedies, silent movies, etc.

  13. prettierinpink

    I started mine because I kept losing all the bit's of paper with my words on lol... x


    sorry.. i laugh at that little tidbit in "the king's speech"
    but really, i blog because i have stuff to say.

  15. I've just started to blog again, but I just do it because I honestly have nobody to share my thoughts with. I've always been a somewhat talented wirter, and it is just a way I express my feelings. (:

  16. writer*

  17. I haven't had a need to write since I was in college, and I felt like my brain cells were rusting. I thought I'd give this a try without telling anyone who knows me, so I won't feel so self conscious about it.

  18. anthonyleecollins

    I got a blog by accident. A friend was looking into blog software and I decided to help her out by seeing how easy it would be to install WordPress. A couple of minutes later, I had a blog! Very easy. So, like the woman in You Can't Take It With You who became a writer when a typewriter was delivered to her house by accident, I started to blog.

    Also, it provided me a good way to promote my writing, and to get around the fact that I love to create and post on websites, but I suck at design. With blogs, you can just find a theme you like and use it, which is very cool.

  19. 13thfloorgrowingold

    for spare change :) and to just archive thoughts and random things i run into on the music,poetry,movies,jokes,etc .plus its great add to them your thought.its a good record of what your into.

  20. I blog to exercise my writing, to have a place to talk online and to chronicle bits of my life. This can include, but is not limited to, college, music, cats, family and books.

  21. I mostly blog to share some funny/memorable moments in my first year college life. Once in a while theres random entries XD

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