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Why do YOU blog?

  1. Hello all,

    I'm very new to blogging and frankly I really think this is a fascinating medium. With the rise and domination of social media, I'm interested to know what made you make the move to blogging? I know my reasoning is unique to me but I'm curious to hear about others.

    Best wishes


    The blog I need help with is

  2. To share my work with others. To believe that my photographs can become more than just a hobby.

  3. Because I have nothing better to do and I find it a more acceptable outlet than slapping someone in the face.

  4. It's a creative outlet for me and gives me a buzz when people read it and comment.

  5. I enjoy showing off my ideas and photos. lol

    It’s a lot of fun writing short essays too. (:

  6. .... I want to experience a true student in myself.

  7. I want to get my experiences out of my head, and into the universe. A good way of healing is through conversation, and this blog is a therapeutic way of helping me heal through the pain of my past postpartum depression, and my current depression.

  8. I started at the behest of my daughter who suggested writing as a good way of coping witht he stress, drama and trauma we were enduring at the hands of government interference in my personal life.

    As I wrote, my personal objectives broadened to trying to raise awareness of the problems with partner/spouse visas and to drive change or encourage others with more political clout to help drive change.

  9. stressingoutstudent

    To hone my writing skills in a creative way and to share my thoughts and experiences. Also, with blogging, I hope to network with like-minded people - namely, people who are worried, stressed, as well as excited about the college experience.

  10. I blog to hone my skills of writing and share thoughts and ideas. My main goal is to meet new people.

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  12. Habit. I've been blogging for too long and now I can't stop. Does anyone know a good therapist who can help me stop? :D

  13. What a fate, stonehead in store for the rest of us here. :)

    I originally started with blogging just to learn about any blog software and its features. It was long procrastination because actually it's expected that librarians (which I was a big part of my career until recently) should master different types of content management tools.

    I also created lst blog to support my partner's business (cycling infrastructure planning) So the blog is semi-marketing tool.

    And a few months later, another business related blog that is a marketing and communication tool for an international cycling conference. This blog's lifespan will probably last another year.

    I still blog for same reasons...but now it's 4 blogs. 1 of the blogs is purely personal and it's just a place for me to unroll some of my experiences to share with others.

    and as a blog writer, focused on cycling tourism for a 4th blog that supports a city's tourism board and reaches internationally. I enjoy sharing stuff about a city which is now my 2nd home.

  14. I blog because it is here.

  15. I'm a Journalism major and anything writing based is enjoyable for me. It also relieves the stress from whatever is happening.

    Blogging is a journal you want people to read.

  16. To practice writing and to receive some useful criticism.
    Also to get my poems 'out there' XD

  17. maidiebike, you know it's bad when you get cold sweats, shakes and a desperate urge to pound any keyboard anywhere simply because you haven't blogged for 48 hours. ;-)

  18. Well, stonehead sometimes it's not even blogging, but just sharing fun chat with other bloggers with whom one shares just an interest in writing.

    I'm starting to realize that I have a ton of personal photos I've taken from trips in New Mexico, Hawaii and yet still I haven't even blogged hardly anything about those wonderful experiences, what I saw in Prague, in Cesky Krumlov (both in Czech Republic).

    And I've not included anything about Toronto..Canada's most diverse city and largest. (Please, Vancouver BC is beautiful, but is not as a diverse as Toronto) where I lived for several decades and still enjoy visiting there.

    I guess there's occasionally a need to share the incredible stuff I've seen and experienced over the last few decades. Not just last week. There is a whole lifetime of experiences and visions to draw upon.

  19. I blog about shoujo manga and anime ^_^ I love Arina Tanemura and CLAMP

  20. idiotphotographer

    Hmmmmm, partly because I can, partly because I actually get feedback on my photography from my blog where I don't get that with my Flickr stream. Mostly because it amuses me.

  21. theinsanityaquarium

    To express myself, and to keep my writing fresh in the interim between graduation and employment!

  22. I've moved to another continent. For me, blogging is a great way of keeping in touch with family and friends. I thought it wiser to create a public blog that they can all read, rather than constantly having to narrate (over and over again) what I've been up to. It's so much more convenient.. :)

  23. I blog to give myself a creative outlet (and maybe just an outlet in general), with 2 small boys, a hubby, a new home, and a full-time job I really need it! (and besides that...after one post I was completely addicted!!!! No stopping now!)

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