Why do you deceitfully keep blocking me from purchasing certain domain names?

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    Why do you keep acting as if certain domains are taken? Are you doing it to corruptly capitalize off innocent people? I came up with a domain entitled thebounder and now it is not available. You mentioned the domain was open and then eight hours later it was not available. You do the same thing with free domains. I’ve punched in the title of free domains to see if it is available. I discover they are available and then you say it is taken, but, that I can purchase the domain. This is unethical and deceiving. I want the domain for thebounder. You are purposefully keeping me from purchasing that domain so you can potentially sell it for more. Please let me know if the bounder is available. Why was it available and then suddenly it was taken. No one came along to purchase the site after I typed the title in. Your company is preventing me from purchasing the domain for some potentially corrupt and unethical reason. Why is it not available now? This hinges on copyright infringement if you are using software to determine what domain I might be interested in purchasing.
    Blog url: http://scandalsfromthecosmopolitandotcom.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is scandalsfromthecosmopolitan.com.



    No, it’s that you crossed us once on the playground and we’ve been waiting to get back at you ever since.


    I thought maybe the guys in the Black helicopters took them.



    Hmmm … I assumed it was the guys in the white coats with the van.


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    As far as I can see:
    thebounder.wordpress.com is available for free.
    thebounder.net is available as a paid domain mapping upgrade.


    No… it is because you are all a bunch of self entitled liberals who don’t think Obama is a Muslim.



    I visited your splog and was unimpressed with it. Copying and pasting newspaper headlines and links seems to be all primitive thinkers with the functional level of their distant monkey ancestors are capable of. That’s why why tea bagger bitcher and moaner copy paste splogs are ubiquitous on the internet.

    Black and white thinking means seeing the world only in terms of extremes. It’s a way of clinging to simple minded thinking rather than acknowledging complexities and opening one’s mind to realities.

    In children developmental psychologists black and white thinking primitive thinking and most of us grow out of it. In adults those who are most prone to regressing to primitive thinking are fearful and emotional.

    Adults who are prone to primitive thinking have other characteristics. Many are ill educated and proud of it. Many are adherents to fundamentalist religions and proud of it. Most favor draconian measures when it comes to law and order. Many are in favor of the death penalty and proud of it. Many are patriotic in the extreme. Many are drawn to conspiracy theories.

    These characteristics suggest that primitive thinking adults are fearful “little people” projecting false bravado. They got stuck in childhood black and white thinking, failed to develop their intellectual potential, empathy and compassion for their own ‘self’ and consequently, for others.

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