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Why do you think these techniques are persuasive?

  1. Hello. Can you please tell me why these techniques are persuasive to you?

    Facts and statistics
    Rhetorical questions

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why?

  3. One only uses flattery if there is no other objective: because you genuinely like something.

    If I said that Vancouver is beautiful with some less pleasant undersides..drug addiction amongst some folks, etc. : it's not flattery. You need to visit the place to see the truth of it.

    Rhetorical questions are lame tool. A better of phrasing it more accurately, is a popular belief or assumption.

    Even for you to ask these questions, I wonder if you think too much about persuasion. Life isn't persuasion. Just live your life well and share by giving back in a genuine manner to your community.

  4. They are persuasive because it reinforces our field of interests and provokes questions of exploration.

  5. I dislike flattery because it is false and seems obsequious to me.
    Anecdotes cannot be trusted if told by anyone other than actual eye witnesses.
    Rhetorical questions don't require an answer so they are, as maidiebike says lame.
    Facts and statistic are a better option but there again, it has been known for people to offer false statistics to further their own agenda. Cook the books if you will. (that is not worded correctly but I guess you know what I'm driving at) lol.

  6. I took a university course on rhetoric and essay-writing. It was very rigorous -to a point where the prof. was quite blunt and brutal in his marking.

    But it smartened us up. Even in the humanities where "evidence" is less empirical and not measurable evidence, there are ways to persuade in all sorts of ways.

    So part of me is jaded: look to the corporate world and see where persuasion gets you. And can lead to horrible man-made / financial disasters that affect hundreds, thousands of people.

    Live your life well and honestly without persuading others. If you do good, it is the best example you can give.

  7. What are you persuading me to do? My current rate is one first born child or the blood of a virgin.

  8. @onlyfragments.......LOL!

  9. Punch me in the stomach numerous times. I'll believe anything you tell me.

  10. @mooselicker. Well that gave me a good giggle. Lol.

  11. Only facts and statistics are persuasive.

    How could any of the others be persuasive?

    Even then, as they say, "there are lies and then there are statistics" or "you can prove anything with statistics".

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