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  1. Again, I'm upset that this has happened. I went to leave a comment on a blog which DID NOT require a sign in - just an e-mail address and a name. When I entered my e-mail address, WordPress wanted me to sign in. What the heck are you doing demanding that I sign in if that is not a requirement of the blog (it was an option, but I chose not to)? If I don't choose that option what business is it of yours that I sign in? Why are you checking my e-mail anyway if I don't choose that option? This is a very bad practice and one I do not appreciate in the least.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dude, I didn't ask for you to sign in.

  3. Dear Raincoaster -

    Thanks for replying, but - well, first I'm not a "Dude". Did you read what I wrote? I would like an answer from someone who actually works or has some technical responsibility at WordPress to address my concern. Of course I use "you" - but maybe another pronoun would be better?

    Anyway, could someone with some real responsibility answer me/

  4. They could, if you email them at support at wordpress dot com.

    If you want an answer rather than a soothing platitude, you could search the forums where this particular question has been dealt with dozens of times and explained dozens of times.

  5. The blogger does not want just any riffraff to comment on their blog - not a WordPress.COM issue at all

  6. Raincoaster. When I went to contact support, basically it just redirected me to post to forums. I did try searching, but didn't have luck finding this issue - if you can somehow point to it, that would be great. You say it's been answered before?

    Anyway, it's something that doesn't sit too well with me. And I do believe it's some kind of WordPress issue, although I just e-mailed someone at the blog to see if they could tell me anything. This happened at another blog and I asked that owner about it and he didn't know anything about it at all!

  7. Yes, the question has been asked and answered dozens of times and if you hadn't been so accusatory and sweary I'd have answered it yesterday for you. had a problem where anyone who knew somebody's email address could pretend to be them when making comments. Somebody impersonated a very, very senior person at Google using this trick. So decided to eliminate the possibility of someone impersonating its users within its own system; that is why it needs your actual password.

    Not everyone is thrilled with this, but it IS a great security feature.

  8. Sorry if I came off accusatory, but your first post did kind of take me off guard.

    Thanks for the info. No, I'm not thrilled with that "feature." I find it pretty disconcerting that WP would even check my e-mail addy when I didn't elect to sign in with WP. You mentioned within the system, and sure enough, both the blogs I experienced this with were also WP.

    Now I just need to figure out what I want to do... It's hard to figure out options when there are so many privacy and security issues----- oh well.
    Thanks again.

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