Why does a page not appear, despite the fact that I have published it?

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    I have been blogging for some time without problems. Then, when I decided to make a new static page, it does not appear from the home page of my website.

    I have clicked on the “publish” button, and I have selected the “public” option.

    When I copied the permalink and sent it via email as an URL to a friend, he could see that page by following the link directly. However, nothing is visible on the home page.

    I use DiVi Themes, if that is important.

    URL of the home page: http://fencingtactics.com/

    URL of the page in question: http://fencingtactics.com/?page_id=707



    Hi there,

    When you publish a page, it won’t automatically appear on your menu. You will need to setup it in the Menus options; you can follow this guide on how to do it: https://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/

    Please note, you are using the self-hosted open source WordPress.org software


    You can ask the question here:

    We know it looks the same but self-hosted WordPress sites and WordPress.com are two, different entities, but the essential difference is that we don’t have access to all WordPress sites, only ones hosted on our WordPress.com servers. For more information, please see:

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